Saturday, May 19, 2012

More pics from A's-Tigers 5-11-12

It was blanket night on 5-11-12
 Here are more pictures of O.CO Coliseum and the A's -Tigers game on 5-11-12.

Some Tigers shagging balls before the game
Makes you want to recycle
Have you voted yet?
Tigers batting practice
The A's main man-Stomper
One of the main entrances to O.CO Coliseum
A's pitcher Tommy Milone doing long toss before his start
The A's broadcast booth honoring the best in the business
Detroit's Austin Jackson in center
A little game action
Behind home plate: Weeks fouls one off
Milone about to pitch
Barton and Weeks-the right side of the A's infield
The scoreboard down the third base line
Honoring a great manager
A true A's fan
O.CO Coliseum from the third deck-Home of the Oakland A's

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