Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Porky's Pizza Palace-the best pizza

The front of Porky's Pizza Palace in San Leandro
As you know I like my Burger Joints, but I also like my pizza places and Porky's Pizza Palace in San Leandro, Ca is some of the best pizza around. At Porky's it is not just the pizza but the atmosphere as well. To me it is an old time place, one that can not be re-created no matter how you try, it just oozes charm and it is a reason I have been going for most of my life.

This band is cool
The inside of Porky's at 4:00pm before the rush
They have an All-Star Banjo that comes in and plays on Thursday's (above) and they are good. They are mostly older gentleman and they all can play a mean banjo. Porky's is also a great place to watch sports. They have five hi-def giant TV's and a huge (has to be ten foot TV) in the back which is awesome to watch a game from. The layout is pretty simple and there is not a lot that is fancy about the layout of the place. Just a really cool place to hang with your friends, have a party or meet new friends (as you will on a busy Friday or Saturday night as people are asking to borrow a chair or bench). It is a very relaxing place.

Any place that has an Oakland Invaders and a California Golden Seals pennant up is ok
You can have the coolest stuff on the walls, the greatest layout and decor, the best TV's and everything and if the pizza sucks (I have had some really bad pizza) then all of that is nothing. A Porky's, the  pizza is excellent and for my money it can not be beat. It is hand tossed and you can watch tossing it which is pretty cool

A large Porky's all meat pizza
A Porky's mini pizza
Besides pizza, Porky's has a full menu that includes fried chicken, all types of pasta, salads, wings, garlic bread and jo-jo potatoes. Usually when a pizza joint branches out and does other types of food, the quality suffers-not at Porky's everything is good. They do everything right and sometimes you need to order different things off the menu to try. And another thing about Porky's food is that it travels well. So if you do not finish it all there, it still tastes great the next day.

Porky's fried chicken
Their famous Jo-Jo Potatoes
Love their garlic bread
Porky's menu
Porky's Pizza Palace is the best pizza joint around and no they did not pay me or give me free food to write this. I just love the place that much.

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