Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cal Soccer-Cal vs. Maryland 9-1-13

As I said I just downloaded a bunch of pics and I forgot I pics from the Cal-Maryland men's soccer game I went to at the beginning of September. Cal beat the #2 (at the time) ranked Maryland in a great game that was won in OT by a so-called "Golden Goal" by Alex Sundly six minutes into OT. The game was played at Edwards Stadium which was built in 1932 and until 1999, when it was reconfigured to host both track and soccer, it was the oldest track-only stadium in America:

The front of Edwards Stadium
Edwards Stadium-The Home of Cal soccer and track
I lost my notes for the game, so I will just give you some game action (Cal is in white):

Cal's Steve Birnbaum with the ball
Maryland goalie Zack Steffen
Cal goalie Justin Taillole
It was a fun time and happy that Cal won.


  1. going to a cal rugby game is on my bucket list. i haven't been to a soccer game either! this one sounds so amazing.

    1. A rugby game is on my list for this year. Soccer was cool.


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