Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Walk Around Fort Mason

I don't I have ever done a blog about Fort Mason in San Francisco. Fort Mason was the port of embarkation for the US Army for over a 100 years. During World War 1I, two-thirds of all troops headed to the Pacific Theater and one-half of all of all Army cargo went through it. Today, it is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area:

It is a mixed-use area as old officer's homes have been sold and people live in them today:

And there is a ton of open space:

And a couple of statues:

Congressman Phillip Burton who wrote the bill the created the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
And being San Francisco, it might have a decent view or two:

Fort Mason is a beautiful place to enjoy a day.


  1. How lovely! San Francisco is on my "someday" list. I'll have to take note to find time to explore this spot. :) Found you via the Photo Friday linkup.

  2. I've never heard of Fort Mason but it looks like a gorgeous place to walk around. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  3. Patrick, wow! These are beautiful photos and I love the military history you shared with this post! Of course, being a military family, that stuff always fascinates me. Thanks for sharing with us at my Link Up On the Edge!


  4. Love these pictures! Thanks for sharing! I'm your neighbor at Dancing with Jesus today!

  5. Lovely place to explore, great view!

  6. i don't think i've ever seen those homes. thank you for sharing!


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