Sunday, March 5, 2017

Music Monday: Some Spoken Word Music

Another Music Monday:  One thing I have always loved is Spoken Word Music. It is an acquired taste and I decided to share some of my favorites:

I know it is a very different form of music than we are used to but it some how slows down my busy day and relaxes me.


  1. I have never thought about spoken song lyrics. Interesting & I never heard of Gil Scott-Heron. Very interesting & thanks for the introduction. Hmmm you have some real different styles here today. I never thought you stood behind this style. I think you're just an all around kind of guy after all. Way ta go my friend. It's just some of these styles I just... well just can't warm up to them. Oh well, that's just me. Oh my Lyle Lovett I haven't heard of him since he married Julia Roberts... what a shocker that was wasn't it. lol And Donovan... oh my I haven't heard one of his in years... I never knew he did a talkie... hmmm Doesn't surprise me though... what a great Post today my friend! Thanks much! hugs Have a rockin' week.. be happy... be safe... be healthy!

  2. Haven't heard from Gil Scott-Heron since "The Revolution will Not Be Televised." My favorite might be Lorne Greene's
    "Ringo," but these were all excellent. Grest set!

    1. "I'm New Here" came out in 2010 about a year before he passed away.

  3. Patrick, You're right this is an acquired taste in mewsic style. Generally, this isn't something I listen to unless someone shares it. Of your selections, I enjoyed The Shangri "Las Past Present" It has a classical feel as the words are spoken so this sort of arrangement does create a soothing effect on the mind. Thanks for sharing something a little different. I'm all for lesson in mewsic! :)

  4. If it relaxes you then that's all that matters.

  5. Great selection of songs. My daughter loves the selfie song :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  6. I never knew that kind of music was kind of a genre of its own - I do like some of the Spoken Word Music, and I certainly enjoyed your selections today! I think it's cool we both shared a song from The Chainsmokers. :) Thanks for the dance, Patrick - have a great week!

  7. Yes it did, and I think it was his last piece. He wasn't well when it was produced, but it turned out great. It's my favorite by him, and contains a gem of a message: No matter how far you've gone, you can always turn around.


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