Sunday, March 19, 2017

Music Monday: My Music While Walking

Music Monday: Just some tunes I have been listening to while getting in my steps everyday.

Just a sample of my weird tastes while walking.


  1. Those are great choices for getting your steps in every day, Patrick! I think I'm going to borrow them for my steps today... ;) Have a great week! :)

    11:59 (Central Standard Time) is Heaven South because Somethin’ I’m Good At is my Galway Girl

  2. Good tunes here! I especially like the one by Blues Traveler...

  3. Patrick, What a collection of tunes to really put the pep in your step! I've tried listening to mewsic while on my elliptical but I prefer to watch movie. lol I don't know why but that works best for me. :) Thanks for sharing your walking mewsic with the 4M gang! Have steptastic day! ;)

  4. OMG You have found a tune I've never heard before & I thought I had heard every tune Meatloaf ever made. Unbelievable. Way ta go my friend & you stomped me on the last one too! Plus City of Angels a great movie. I love movies about Angels. You out did yourself this time my friend! Thanks bunches!

  5. Some good songs here. I love Meatloaf, this is such a great song :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  6. Meatloaf, there is that long version of Anything that I love so much!
    Nice hits to walk along with.


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