Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Cue the Ducks


There is this spillway/creek right near my house. I go and walk the path at least three times a week. A lot of ducks live there and they must be some of the toughest ducks in the history of the world. The reason I say that is that some humans use it as a dumping ground for their crap. It is so sad and makes me made to no end. Every so often, I go down and help clean it up and sure as shootin' people will dump more crap there. It is a never ending battle:

It is nice little walk and the when I focus on the ducks, I feel so much better:

I know that I will down there at least once this month to help clean up this beautiful area as nothing beats seeing the ducks on a walk. 


  1. Your description of "tough ducks" makes it sounds like they carry knives....

    Seriously, I'm quite fond of ducks myself.

  2. I lvoe seeing nature up close like that.

  3. We like ducks too, we have lots in our lake. That's so sad that irresponsible humans muck up their place. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Nice, I love ducks out and about! We had a pair visit us on the coast of WA state, she had a broken leg, and we fed her until it healed and she could dive for food once again.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your pics. My son used to have two ducks, he named them Donald and Daisy! Thanks so much for linking up with me at the Unlimited Monthly Link Party 23. Pinned!

  6. It looks like a gorgeous place to walk, Patrick. And I get super angry when I see that kind of litter as well. One of my favorite photos spots in my town is an old run down, abandoned factory that manufactured military tanks during WWII. There is a church established in part of the building so it is a space that is used, but so many people use it as a dumping ground as well. So much large furniture pieces and even just piles of trash bags. It is so frustrating...and disgusting! And there is always new trash dumped back there whenever I go. I think it is wonderful that you take the initiative to clean up some of the litter! Well done, my friend.



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