Sunday, April 18, 2021

Music Monday: Pink Duets

 Music Monday: Just some duets featuring the artists known as Pink and I am adding one bonus song that is not a duet but I love it:

Here is the non-duet Pink song:

Hope everyone enjoyed the tunes and has a wonderful week.


  1. The one with her daughter was just beautiful, and so was "Time After Time." Good set!

  2. Patrick,

    Great theme idea! She's an accomplished artist plus worked with a number of big name acts. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend.

  3. I do like Pink - one of my cousins absolutely loves her and has been to at least one of her concerts. The duet with her daughter Willow was so touching. I also enjoyed "Time after Time" and "Just Give Me a Reason".

  4. Nice playlist, Patrick. Hope you had a fabulous Monday. ☺


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