Thursday, April 1, 2021

Just Be Nice

 Easter season is coming to and end and I always have trouble during this time. I guess it is mainly about my issues with organized religion in this country. I see all the craziness and meanness towards others and it really bothers me how we treat each other since we say, we are a Christian nation. I have an issue with a lot of people who say they are Christian or whatever and treat people horrible but profess how godly they are with their lips. It totally befuddles me. Anyway, I guess it is my problem. 

I have adopted my own belief system, a lot of it is about just be nice to each other. It is so simple that people really don't understand it. I have been seeing examples of this here and there, like this man's push cart I saw on Muni (San Francisco's Bus System) below:

And I saw these banners at a local Buddhist bookstore and loved them:


  1. Count us in on the be kind thing, all the time. Happy Easter from all of us!

  2. I love this post and this message so much! Honestly, the only bit of the Bible that is important to me is love! If we all just loved one another without conditions, the rest would fall into place. It seems so simple yet we continue to fail. Thanks for sharing this message!



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