Thursday, April 22, 2021

Some Old School Murals

 I was near my old high school and stopped off at Walgreens in this strip mall. It was a strip mall that I spent a bunch of my misguided high school years at.  I walked around the back of the liquor store and murals were still there. 

Back in the Day, as teen-agers we used to go to this liquor store and buy liquor (beer, cheap wine or anything else they would sell us), zig-zags (rolling papers) and reading material geared for adults. The rules were not as tough about buying "adult" items as they are now.

 Since, we had an open-campus at lunch we would get a slice of pizza from Round Table Pizza, eat it and have a nip or two while sitting on the curb seen above and if we had enough time, we might smoke some vegis and head back to school.

Sorry, TMI on my misguided high school life. But it was cool to see the murals have survived (and people are still sitting on the curb-doing what we used except that Round Table Pizza is no more):

I have been out of high school for almost 35 years and I am glad to see that these murals are still around.


  1. It's amazing that those murals are still there.

  2. Cool murals, and story!
    Love the cars especially.
    Boy, am I boring. We had water-ice and buns with a "Negerkuss" in the breaks. And we had to sneak out for that. Tolerated by the teachers.
    Wonderful the murals are still there!

  3. Misspent youth? Sounds like the lovely murals have lasted longer than your youthful antics. Times really HAVE changed, and now youth have other things to get in trouble over. So glad the murals are still there for us to enjoy.

  4. The murals have lasted for a long time!
    I had to laugh at your antics in school, just like Iris I was a goody two-shoes, lol. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals

  5. Patrick, that was a really cool little peek into your teenage years! Thanks for sharing it. And it is awesome that the murals are still there.



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