Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Great Burger Joint

The marquee of Hamburger Patties in Sacramento
I am not a big gourmet. I like simple food in places that have character and characters inside of it. I am not really into chi-chi food or places. I have a problem with spending a lot of money for something that does not fill me up, but looks nice on the plate. I am pretty simple in my tastes.

Also I am not really big into places that are all brand new and are trendy. I like the older places that have character in them. You can not manufacturer history. Every time I go to one of my favorite places, I always think about who may have been in there or sat in one of the tables.

Hamburger Patties in Sacramento in one of those places that I love going to. When I first started in was know as Hamburger Mary's. It has changed hands, but not its style and good food.

The inside of Hamburger Patties
When you walk in, it is an older place with a lot of charm. The bar is older, the tables and chairs are older and booths are older. Everything is so well kept, I feel like I am going back into time. It has the low lighting and it is a little dark inside. It feels like a place you see in "Mad Men". With the charm inside, the staff of the place adds to it. Everybody is friendly and nice. They will joke with you and treat you like family. Even the customers are friendly. In a lot of places, customers are in their own little words and will not even look up at someone in their party. At Hamburger Patties, it seems like people are enjoying everybody's company.

One of the art pieces hang from the wall
One of the things I love about the place is that it has art all over the place. There are many pieces hanging from the ceiling, they are all very interesting to look at. It has that arts vibe going on. It has this futuristic deal going, but it fits in well with the place. On a screen, they play mostly techno videos from all different era. I love hearing a little "Groove is in the Heart" by Dee-Lite when I am eating.

A plane that protects the bar area.

Hamburger Patties is not about music or the art it is about the food. It has the second best burgers that I ever had (right behind Val's Burgers of Hayward). Different burgers from your normal cheeseburger to chili burgers to the Bleu Burger (which is a burger with bleu cheese crumbs and bacon covered in a bleu cheese sauce. On this trip I got the Big Valley Burger which is: A burger with Teriyaki sauce, a pineapple and cheddar cheese and I always get the yummy spicy fries.

Dinner is served-The Big Valley Burger and spicy fries
I need to head back there-LOL.

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