Friday, April 20, 2012

A Disappointing Trip

The outside of the S.F. Railway Museum

I like old stuff, something about old stuff gets my juices going. On the streets of San Francisco is the F line. They are historic streetcars and have been refurbished and put back into circulation. The F line goes through the heart of Sam Francisco on to the Embarcadero. It is one of the most beautiful trips you can ever take. One of the things I have always wanted to visited was the Railway Museum on the Embarcadero. I went there planning to spend a lot of time. I had blocked off about three hours for my visit, but it turns out that I only needed 30 minutes to see everything there and I was a little disappointed.

An old ferry sign
I know the museum was free and that should have tempered my expectations, but I have gone to many things that were free and exceeded expectations. The main problem with this museum is that they did not have a lot of stuff. Sometimes being small is good. In the case they need to display more stuff. The history of the railway in San Francisco is something that is really cool. I would have liked to seen more displays.

The main attraction was a half of a old-time railcar that you could go in and take a look around. It wasn't anything to get excited about. It came out of the wall and that was about it.

So, it was a disappointing trip to see something that I really had been wanting to see for a while. That is how life goes. The good adventures always outweigh the bad adventures.

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