Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Street Music

Taking BART (it is the Bay Area's subway) almost everyday, I see and hear a lot of street musicians. Also, walking in Downtown areas of a lot of places you tend to see street musicians trying to earn a couple of dollars. Some just play for smiles and tips, while others try to sell CD's. Some are good and are bad. Some have a whole set up and some just have a guitar or just a drum. They all add to the soundtrack to our lives. Here is some pics that I have taken of people playing their music on the street. If you are going to take a picture of them you should leave a small donation:

An electric guitar inside a BART station

A sitar player who just wanted smiles

Rockin on inside a BART station
Getting some jazz on

Like the bluegrass, notice their fuel in the foreground

A flute player on the steps

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  1. I love to hear a good street Musician or two! Thanks for sharing this post with us and linking up to #RetroBlogPosts linky


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