Friday, June 15, 2012

A Bad Start to the Day turned Good

The Ferry Terminal-Jack London Square, Oakland
The ferry boat coming in
Yesterday, I woke up to a transit mess. I got to the BART station to take the first train to San Francisco at 5:16am as my usual. Well, there was a huge fire near the West Oakland station and it damaged the tracks and there was no direct service to San Francisco from the East Bay. I took another train, got off in Downtown Oakland, took a bus and hopped on a ferry to San Francisco from Jack London Square in Oakland. Even though I arrived at work late (they were happy to see me as they did not think I was going to show up) I ended up enjoying the ride over. It was so beautiful, peaceful and with great scenery to look at.

The Coast Guard waiting to board
The wake from the boat
The Bay Bridge from the ferry
Going under the Bay Bridge
San Francisco
Another view of San Francisco
Coming into the Ferry Building
It was a great trip and when I have more time I will take the ferry again in the morning.

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