Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walk at the Convent

Part of the grounds at the Convent

The other day, I was invited to have dinner at a Convent in Fremont. I have been there a couple of times and always enjoy going there. The food is great and scenery of the place is so beautiful I just enjoy walking around and feeling the peace of the place. It is an oasis of calm right outside of a busy world:
Part of the grounds
A fountain in the courtyard

One of the cool things is that there is a lot of history at the place. There are two houses on the property that were once owned by prominent families in the area. They were built in the 1800's and look great today over 100 years later. They have simple names: The Pink House and the White House. They are used for weddings on the property.

The White House

The Pink House
The inside of the Convent is just as pretty. There is stained glass that is from the mid-1800's in the motherhouse. It was rescued from the original house in San Francisco. There is also a small, but lovely chapel inside as well.

Some examples of the stained glass

The view of the chapel
The place is just so beautiful that my pics does not do it justice. It is a little slice of Heaven in a busy world.

Love the Flowers

The trees at the Convent

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