Monday, June 25, 2012

Inside the Oakland Museum

"The Planet" by J.B. Blunk
Old Solider by Robert Arneson

As a great as walking around the grounds of the Oakland Museum is, the inside is even better. One thing about the Oakland Museum is that it is since it opened in 1969, it has been "a Museum for the People" and tells the story of California is a wonderful way. The Museum wants the public to give their ideas on how to represent the continuing story of this state. The Museum is always trying to find a way to highlight the great artists of this state.

Double Time by Robert Hudson

Wolf head by Robert Arneson
Woman with Elbow on Raised Knee-Viola Frey
One thing I like about the place is that highlight artists on all races, creeds, genders and backgrounds. I like looking at paintings but I really like sculptures and things that people create from different things. I am not saying that painting is not creative, but I like other mediums being used:

The Gift of Presence-Raymond Saunders

Stained Glass-Arthur Mathews
In art part of the Oakland Museum, this has always been my favorite:

"Quick Ness" Harley Davidson by Arlen Ness
Besides having wonderful art by Californians, it has a great history section that tells the story of California. If person was in 4th grade from about 1970 to the current day and within a hundred miles of the Oakland Museum then most likely they have been on a field trip to the Oakland Museum. As they do a great job in telling the story of this state from the Native Americans to the current day with a lot of interactive displays:

An 1890's Wagon
1913 Cadillac
A 1951 Ford Victoria that was customized in 1956
A 1913 Gas Truck
I know it seems like I am showing just cars, but the car culture is what help made California and so did the movies.

An early movie camera
California has great art and history and the Oakland Museum shows it off very nicely.

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