Friday, June 1, 2012

Contemporary Jewish Museum

The front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum

Sometimes I get lucky in my adventures. I was invited to visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum and I decided to go even though I am not Jewish. I able to walk around the place and got a tour of one of the exhibits they had which was called "Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought.

The front of the building
The reflecting pool outside
One of the things about the museum is that the grounds are beautifully well kept. It adds to the experience of the place. You can spend hours soaking up the sun on a nice day.

This is the Nomadic Grove, which includes wishing trees.
Inside the place is so cool. The architecture is so cool. There is a lot of bricks inside as the building was once a PG&E Power substation that was built in 1907. The museum rehabbed the building and redesigned it for their use. To me the inside is an architecture marvel, but I will admit I do not know much about architecture. I just like what I see.

Part of the inside wall
An old stairwell
One of the cool things is that have a music/sound room. It another architecture marvel (at least to me). When I walked in, they had a thing about relationship and history of African-American-Jewish relations using music. The acoustics in the room were amazing.

The music room
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One of the cool things is that they project on a wall what is playing and the artist along with some facts (above) and also they have individual I-Pads in which you can choose to listen from a pre-programmed list of music (below):

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the exhibit, but I did sneak one (below):

Hagar in the Desert-Jacques Lipchitz

The museum is a place I need to head back too.

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