Monday, June 18, 2012

Santa Cruz-the Boardwalk Part

Entering the World Famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
People walking along the Boardwalk

My previous blog was on the beach part of Santa Cruz and this one is on the Boardwalk part. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk has been around for over a hundred years. It is one one the last of the classic seaside amusement parks left in the United States. The cool thing is that you only pay for the rides, Walking around the Boardwalk is free. I am not a huge ride person, but I enjoy walking around and there are a couple of the classic rides I like going on.

They even have an indoor area that includes what they call Neptune's Kingdom which is an area that has pool and a mini-golf course. Also, it has an area that tells the history and story of the Boardwalk:

Inside Neptune's Kingdom Putt-Putt course

The great swimmer and surfer Duke Kahanamoku was a regular
More history of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk
And course there are the Carnival games and food along the Boardwalk:

One of the many games
The dime pitch-get it in the glass or on the plate and it is yours
But the Boardwalk is all about the rides:

The top of the roller coaster-The Hurricane
The Boardwalk is famous for the Big Dipper(below) which has been around for almost ninety years. Doing a little research I learned that it is the fifth-oldest coaster in continuous use in its current location. It is an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster. The Big Dipper is the Santa Cruz Boardwalk's most popular ride:

The Big Dipper in action
The Dipper going up
And starting to Dip
Besides the dipper there are many other rides. That will take you up and down and fling you from side to side.

The Fireball in action

Going down on Logger's Revenge
The ride called Logger's Revenge (above) is one that I will go on, but I will not touch a roller coaster. I guess in my baby brain, I think that that water cushions and makes it less scary. Who knows.

The end of Logger's Revenge
But my all-time favorite ride there is the 1911Carousel that was hand-carved by the famous carousel carver- Charles Looff. It is the Boardwalk's oldest ride and I love the Wurlitzer music that comes with it. Every time I am at Santa Cruz, I make it a point to ride it.

The 1911 Looff Carousel
A closer look at the 1911 Looff Carousel
One of the great Wurlitzer's that provides music for the Carousel
The Santa Cruz Boardwalk has been entertaining the public for over a hundred years and it is still a great place to spend a summer day. I love going down there.

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  1. Oh the Fireball looks like my kinda ride! The boardwalk looks like tons of fun, maybe one day I will get a chance to see it for myself.


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