Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Dorothy Starr Collection

I was at the San Francisco Main Public Library and saw this display called Dorothy Starr Decade by Decade. It was sheet music from many generations. The backstory was even cooler than the artwork on this music, Starr pursued a career in New York as an operatic and popular singer until, at the age of 51 (in 1959), she relocated to San Francisco and opened The Music Stand at 381-A Hayes Street to fill a niche and sell used sheet music.By the late 1960s, people were more inclined to purchase recordings of their favorite songs than sheet music, which meant Starr could buy a lot of unwanted sheet music for very little money. In many ways Starr was like a music librarian and her store like a music library. Customers described it as an apartment with stacks of music in every location - even in the kitchen. Furthermore, because so much sheet music was out of print, her store became a godsend for those trying to locate their favorite songs of the past By naming her business The Music Stand. She died in 1990 and  in February 1991, Starr's estate agreed to sell her remaining inventory to the Library:

This was really cool to see. I am a nut about interesting stuff like this and I am glad that the San Francisco Main Library has them and that they did not end up in landfill somewhere. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Beach Volleyball Hits San Francisco

I don't know anything about beach volleyball or the AVP (which is coordinating body of the American tour) and I certainly had never been to an event. Over the weekend the AVP came to San Francisco for the San Francisco Open. The event venue was great and the action was good:

Sara Hughes serving
Jake Gibb (L) and Casey Paterson (R). One of our Men's 2016 Olympic Beach Volleyball team

Ty Loomis serving
Caitlin Ledoux spiking over Kerri Walsh Jennings
One half of our 2016 Olympic Beach Volleyball Team-The legend Kerri Walsh Jennings
The other half of 2016 Olympic Beach Volleyball team-April Ross

AVP Beach Volleyball was super cool. I am not a volleyball person but I found it super entertaining, fun and truly enjoyed myself.

Music Monday: The IPOD Repeat

Music Monday: Just some songs that I have been pushing the repeat button on my IPOD recently:

And RIP to a music legend

I know it is a totally strange mix but that is me.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

LucasFlim Lobby

Very true story. I was in the Presidio of San Francisco looking for the Officers Club to a listening party by the Kronos Quartet violinist David Harrington when I spotted a big water fountain and was drawn to it like a dog to a fire hydrant. This was it:

So, I had stumbled upon Lucasflim. They only allow civilians in the lobby but it is cool:

Let's just say that the lobby was cooler than the listening party.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk 2016

Another trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Trying to come up with different pics to show you of the World Famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk:

And my favorite views:

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a historic and great place to spend a day.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The View From 1 Kearny

I went up to the Public Open Space on the building at One Kearny in San Francisco and took some pics:

It was great being up and seeing the whole city.