Friday, January 31, 2014

War Memorial Gym-Home of the USF Dons

The front of USF's Memorial Gym
Took the kiddos out to the University of San Francisco to check out the Lady Dons playing St.Mary's. In process I took a lot of pictures and here is a look at USF's War Memorial Gym-Home of the Dons. It is small as it holds only 5,300:

From the baseline
From the other baseline
War Memorial Gym was built in 1958. Just after the heyday of the Dons great teams. There are reminders of that great past inside:

Bill Russell's retired jersey
K.C Jones retired jersey
The two USF coaching legends
The back-to-back Championship banners

Saw this picture in the lobby. That is Bill Russell holding the ball
The 1955 Championship trophy. 
Hopefully, the hilltop will have rebirth to its great past.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some TV Albums From Yesteryear

When I was at Rasputin's I saw a bunch of albums from TV shows of yesteryear. I just had to take pics and share them (Most are from Saturday morning cartoons):

Meet the Brady Bunch
Just too funny
Don't know about this one
I think I had this one
Who didn't watch this
And The Chipmunks had a bunch. Here is two:

Of course, nothing beat this:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Some Hair Bands From Back in Day

Remember those great hair/metal bands of the 80's. I do and here is some of their videos:

And finally when they all got together in the spirit of USA for Africa, it was called Hear-N-Aid.

Hope you enjoyed this walk about memory lane.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turning 45, Bobbleheads and Stuff Like That

Shelf of Bobbleheads
Ok, I turned 45 and that makes me a middle-aged person. I can not the check the 35-44 box anymore. Now, I check the 45-54 box. Oh well, only five more years until I get my AARP benefits.

Anyway, I think as I get older I am getting goofier and goofier. I have thing about bobbleheads now. I have had a couple from sporting events and my son has given me a couple, but a friend of mine really got me into them and now I am looking for deals on EBAY for them. Well, I guess it better than other things that I could be doing:

Scott Hattberg Bobblehead. This was given out at the A's game last year in honor of the 10th anniversary of the A's AL record 20-game win streak. Push a button and you hear the great Bill King call Hatty's Home Run that won number 20
Former A's catcher Ray Fosse and broadcaster Ray Fosse-notice the mic in the hand. My son got this at a game and whined enough that he gave it to me-Thank You
A's Grant Balfour Gnome
Oakland A's Ryu (from Street Fighter)-My son got in a kids give-away and I whined again
From left to right-A's Jack Cust, Dodgers Jeff Kent and the Giants Randy Winn
Barry Bonds Nesting Dolls
Padres Bruce Bochy (left) and Jake Peavy  bobblehead refrigerator magnets
The A's Yoenis Cespedes
Rick Monday of the Cubs. I saw this on EBAY and had to have it. The reason he is holding the American Flag is because in 1976, two morons decided to come on the field and burn the flag. Monday ran over (he was playing center field) and grabbed it, saving it from being burned
Arnold Palmer-Given out on his 80th birthday at PNC Park
The Warriors Klay Thompson-A XMAS gift from my daughter
Former Brewers manager Harvey Kuenn-He lead the Brewers to the 1982 AL Championship-The team was known as Harvey's Wallbangers
ESPN'S College Gameday's Lee Corso. 
ESPN's College Gameday's Kirk Herbstreit
Even though I am considered middle-age, I still haven't truly become a full adult in many people's eyes. Even though I am pretty responsible and take care of business, I am still consider goofy. Will I ever truly grow up fully?? Who knows??

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A visit to the first Starbucks

Outside the first Starbucks
I thought I had posted this, but oh well. When I was in Seattle, last April I went to the first-ever Starbucks store. It is located near the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Actually, it is across the street. It was packed and I wasn't able to take many photos but I thought it was cool, since I do have a Starbucks gold card:

Their board. Still handwritten and in chalk

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oaklandish-The Store

Recently, one of my favorite stores is located in Downtown Oakland. It is called Oaklandish and it is all things Oakland. The money the store makes goes back in the community to do good things. So it is a win-win:

Inside Oaklandish
Soaps made in Oakland
Skateboard decks
Earrings in the Oakland City Symbol
But they are mostly about cool clothing about Oakland:

Hand painted Vans
2013 Oakland A's AL West Champs shirt
A T-Shirt of the cranes at the Port of Oakland which was the basis for George Lucas and creating The Walkers that Empire used in Star Wars
An Oakland Seals shirt. The Seals played in the NHL from 1967 to 1978
And I bought two (But like a moron, only took a pic of one):

Oakland Stompers-The Stompers played in the old North American Soccer League for one year
The other one was in the style of the mule that used to be the A's mascot. The shirt is sort of like this
And finally the last cool thing is this wishing well inside the store: