Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Game: A's-Angels 6-20-15

Just some in game pics from A's game my son took me on the Saturday before Father's Day:

The most basic thing in  baseball
The A's Jesse Hahn on the mound
The A's outfielders
The Angels Jared Weaver on the mound
The Angels Mike Trout taking a swing
The A's Marcus Semien taking a rip
The Angels Albert Pujols looking at a passed ball
The A's Stephen Vogt taking a pitch
The Angels Kole Calhoun looking at the stands
Angels in the Outfield
It was a great time out at the yard.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Music Monday: On My IPOD Now

For this Music Monday, here in what I am listening these days:

I know it is a strange mix but this is what I am listening to these days.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pregame stroll: A's vs. Angels 6-20-15

My son took me to the A's game on the day before Father's Day because he knew I wanted this:

Everybody needs a Sonny Gray solar gnome
But it was nice to walk around O.Co Coliseum for an hour or so before the game:

Angel coach Alfredo Griffin
Scott Kazmir doing some throwing
The A's doing exercises in the outfield
Angles doing some stretching
Jesse Chavez doing some throwing
Fernando Abad
The great Albert Pujols
Matt Shoemaker
O.co Coliseum
The newest A's Hall of Famer-Tony LaRussa
Almost game time
It was a great time out with my son. Thank you Geoffrey.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Black Oak Books in Berkeley

I got to visit a book store I have heard of but never been and that was Black Oak Books in Berkeley. It was an amazing experience and one of the most impressive new/used bookstores I have been to. It was huge and stocked wall-to-wall with books:

And they had some really cool used books:

1940, got to love it
I just bought one book but it came with a surprise inside:

The legend signed a bunch of them
Black Oak Books in Berkeley is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Jewelry by Joseff of Hollywood

I find stuff in the weirdest places. I was by the International Terminal at SFO where the BART station is and was waiting for the BART train and I stumbled upon this great exhibit- Pieces designed by Joseff of Hollywood and worn in movies.

Eugene Joseff began dabbling in costume jewelery design while working as an advertising agency designer in Chicago during the 1920s. In the late '20s he left the advertising industry and moved to Hollywood, lured by a rapidly expanding film industry that soon proved highly receptive to his talents as both a designer and a supplier of costume jewelry. The major studios loved his work during the so-called "Golden Age" of movies:

Worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind (1939)
Breastplate worn by the three thieves in The Jungle Book (1942)
Dagger used by Tyrone Power in The Rains Came (1939)
Climb-the-arm bracelet used by Hedy Lamarr in Lady of the Tropics (1939)
Seven-strand bib of pearls and four-strand choker worn by Bette Davis in The Virgin Queen (1955)
Necklace worn by Katharine Hepburn in Mary of Scotland (1936)
Bangles and chain bracelet worn by Marlene Dietrich in Kismet (1944)
Chain necklace and bracelet worn by Greta Garbo in Camille (1936)
Over-sized bracelet worn by Ona Munson in The Shanghai Gesture (1941)
Snake necklace and bracelet worn by Rita Hayworth in Down to Earth (1947)
Winged-scarab belt worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963)
Cigar Case used by Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind (1939)
These are some really beautiful pieces and even though they are just costume jewelry they are great to look at.