Thursday, June 30, 2022

Walking Around Tilden Park


I took a short walk around Tilden Park in Berkeley:

And you don't know what you will see:

Tilden Park is one of the gems that we have in Bay Area:

Monday, June 27, 2022

Pride Festival 2022


It was great to have the San Francisco Pride Festival back after two years:

And what makes the Pride Festival is the people:

And Love will always win:

Alameda County Fair 2022


I haven't been to the Alameda County Fair for years. Mainly because I usually go to the Marin County Fair because the concerts are better. But I headed to the Alameda County Fair last week because .38 Special was playing and I had a blast.

Will start with the interesting:

The Alameda County Fair is held in Pleasanton- the longtime home of John Madden

And there were some rides:

There were some animals:

There was some art being displayed:

There was some food:

And a lot of music:

Including .38 Special who played and they rocked the house. They were great:

The Alameda County was amazing. I am so glad that I went.