Monday, March 31, 2014

Some Old School Hip Hop

For music this week, I have decided to go the old school hip hop route. Fun stuff before all of the gangster stuff, just good old dancing fun:

Hope you enjoy

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lost Blog: 2013 Oakland A's Games-August 16 and 17

Yoenis Cespedes booblehead
I forgot that I had these photos. I went to back-to-back A's games last August and forgot to post the pics. Since the 2014 season is beginning on Sunday, I thought now would be a good time to post these.The Friday night game was Filipino Heritage Night and Saturday game was the Yoenis Cespedes bobblehead night. Even though I have a lot of game action going to focus on some other stuff:

Rickey Henderson leads Rollie Fingers in the seventh inning race
Nothing beat some Chicken Abodo, rice and lumpa at the ballpark
The giveaway a Filipino Heritage Scarf
Love this guy Coliseum
A meeting on the mound
Another view of O.Co Coliseum
A major league baseball on the grass
Can't wait for the 2014 season to begin,.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Want a T-Shirt-Bear Basics is The Place

My daughter and I were in Berkeley on Telegraph and she forced me to go into Bear Basics (actually I was looking for Mr.Peabody shirt).  I haven't been inside Bear Basics for a good while. At one time in my misspent youth I was in there a bunch. I guess as I have grown older I am not in there as much.

Bear Basics has three stories to it. The highest (or first) story is girl's/women's clothes, the ground story is all Cal stuff but it is the  basement story that I love:

Inside Bear Basics (the ground floor)
Down in the third floor
The basement is where all the good stuff is:

The Super Hero Wall
One of my favorites
Love it
Love him
Being Berkeley there are a lot of music shirts:

Love Bob
In Berkeley, you must have the dead
He would be a good wingman
Also in Berkeley you need to political
Bear Basics has remained one of the cooler and hipper places on Telegraph.

Monday, March 24, 2014

That 70's Music

Going to try some music from the 70's to get you dancing:

Hope that you enjoy.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Year Anniversary-Radomness

MMM Sportea
Today marks two years that I have been doing this blog seriously. It is amazing to me that anybody wants to read the stuff I post but to those who do a huge thank you. It is also amazing that my readership has grown over the last two years by huge leaps and bounds-this is a huge ego boost and again I THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It has been a pleasure to get some of creative side out.

I guess I will make this a blog of random photos that never quite made it in a blog or stuff I have know idea why took a pic of. Hope you enjoy:

My favorite Batman villain-The Penguin
Love this Rolex street clock in Vegas
Got to love M&M's
Had to include one of me with the Sprint Cup at Charlotte Motor Speedway
An overheard view of the one coasters at Great America in Santa Clara
A street mural in San Francisco
A statue of Telsa at Fry's Electronics in Fremont
Someone waiting for the light rail in San Francisco
Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and I hope that I have another two run in me. It is a pleasure and godspeed to anybody who reads this.

Always Be Nice to others

Friday, March 21, 2014

SEE/SAW-Works By Maia Scott

I was at the San Francisco Library for the Blind and Print Disabled which located on the 2nd floor of the Main Library. They have an exhibit called SEE/SAW which are works of art done by Maia Scott. Scott, is an artist who has been visually impaired from birth. She takes the view that everybody sees regardless of visual acuity, many factors such as race, loves, cultures, fears, etc., factor into what we see. This interactive exhibit was one of the best I have ever seen:

"Open Peace"
One thing that is really cool is that Scott invites people to trace the pieces with their fingers to explore them.

"Eye Device"
She also invites people to write down what they see and feelings about the pieces

"Cosmic Dance"
"Squared"-There are over 100 positive words in panels as you match them up-Pretty Cool
"Through Lines"-Put on the goggles and draw a self-portrait and be sure to note the lines and colors you see through them

This was an interactive maze that has to do with light (above and below):

And my favorite:

"Greater Purpose"-It is mixed media and it filled with positive messages about life
Maia Scott really did a great job with all the pieces. It is super cool to take a look at.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Zoofari" Book Reading at Mission Coffee

I haven't been to many book readings lately. I used to love to go them at different places. Recently, I was invited to a reading of a new book called "Zoofari" by Amanda Bybee. The plot of the book is: Jaime Needham can't see anything at night, but she has a grand vision to protect the animals of the SF Zoo from the people of her city. When 16-year-old Jaime, legally blind, gets her hands on the Master Zoo Key to rescue research study members at San Francisco's Zoofari from an ill-fated venture into the Tigers' den, she develops the courage to find her way out, on her own terms. Bybee is a teacher of the visually impaired who has a visual impairment herself.

The reading was very fun and held at a cool place:

The inside of Mission Coffee
I loved the pipes in the ceiling. I know I am strange
A huge coffee grinder
Mission Coffee had this cool outside space that we discovered:

Where bad customers go
Amanda Bybee reading from her book
The book-Zoofari