Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Murphys Old Timers Museum

When I was in Murphys, Ca, I hit the Murphys Old Timers Museum and it was a wonderful window into the past:

The Murphys Old Timers Museum is really cool and the price is perfect (it is free). If you are ever there, check it out.

Monday, January 29, 2018

A's Fan Fest 2018

I know it is almost time for the baseball season to begin when the A's hold their annual Fan Fest. For the second straight year, the A's held Fan Fest at Oakland's Jack London Square on a beautiful day:

Stomper with Rickey, Eck and Rollie

It is the A's 50th anniversary of being in Oakland:

Equipment Manager Steve Vucinich who started out as a ball boy in 1968, the first year of the team being in Oakland and has been the A's Equipment Manager since 1994. He is considered the A's Historian
And the players were there both current and ex:

Pitcher Andrew Triggs
Shortstop Marcus Semien pondering a question
Ex-pitcher Dallas Braden (in cap and beard) and outfielder Mark Canha
Outfielder Dustin Fowler
Ex All-Star catcher Terry Steinbach
Third Baseman Matt Chapman
The wonderful radio voice of the A's Ken Korach
And the A's fed you. They had food trucks there that offered free food:

Can't beat a free tri-trip dip with fries for free
I have been a huge A's fan since I got into baseball when I was six (let's just say that Reggie Jackson and company were still playing for the A's), A's President Dave Kaval and staff did a wonderful job of getting all of us who love the Green and Gold jazzed for the 2018 season:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Music Monday: The Kiddos Are Growing Up

Music Monday: This Music Monday is dedicated to a blogger at the blog Catch My Words whose daughter is turning 25 and to my daughter Allison who is turning 22 in a week or so. It is amazing to see kids grow up and become beautiful humans:

This one is about keeping some of your innocence even though you are an adult and it reminds me of that:

Last week I saw Five for Fighting play with a string quartet. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. For those who don't know, Five for Fighting is one person and that is John Ondrasik. He performed a song that he said his daughter help write when she was four and then he said that she was 16 now and talked about how the years have passed by and then he said, "Gee, that is a song idea and maybe I should write a song about it." The audience roared and he sung this:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Visiting the National Auto Museum

I forgot I had these photos. I visited the National Auto Museum in Reno and It was so cool (Sorry in advance that I didn't write down anything) Just enjoy the pics:

The National Auto Museum is a true treasure and if you are ever in Reno you need to give it a visit. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

One More Year and Upping the Sock Game

This may be goofiest post I have ever done but usually around this time of year I add another ring around my tree. I also reveal how totally goofy (or nuts depending on your point of view) I am. Over last few years, you have learned about my shot glass collection, My bobblehead collection, my causal T-shirt collection, how I love the comic strip Doonesbury and have collected a ton of its books over the years. I have added to all those strange collections over since I have done those blogs. Last year you got a glimpse of my bookcases.

This last year I got a new deal going and it is socks. By no means I am a fashion plate, heck I don't even know how to spell the word but this past year (no doubt aided by my fashion plate 20-year-old son), I have gotten into socks. Before I would try to buy socks as cheaply as I could - you know six pairs for five bucks but in the last year I started buying more and more fashionable socks:

The first: My son bought this simple pair of socks to up my game
Got to have The Dead
Franklin is coolest Peanuts character

Go Bears
Freebies from the Oakland A's

When the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies play at home on Tuesdays, they change their name to the Fresno Tacos for Taco Tuesday
Sloth socks are so cool
The newest to the collection-A friend was over there and brought them back for me

I probably have some more in the laundry basket but won't share those. Can't believe that this my last year pre-AARP. I am starting to look forward to those discounts and the magazine.