Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trip to the San Francisco History Museum

The San Francisco History Museum tells the story of the City by the Bay. It goes from the its rowdy Barbary  Coast days to the hippie days of the 60's to the current time:

A wax likeness of Emperor Norton I, one of San Francisco's early eccentric citizens. He declared himself Emperor  of the United States
A 19th century checkerboard
A $1000 bond for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition 
A early 20th century phone/table combo
Items from the 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo
A replica cell of Alcatraz Cell
And now for some truly "Only in San Francisco" items:

Former Police Chief and Mayor Frank Jordan's uniform
The huge ruby slippers that were on display at FAO Schwartz toy store lobby  in Union Square from the 1980's until it closed in 2001 
Gowns worn by Finocchio's performers. Finocchio's was a drag nightclub with men performers that was open from 1930's
to the 1990's.

A movie poster from San Francisco-One of the many movies shot in the city
The typewriter that Herb Caen wrote many of his columns on. Caen was a San Francisco Icon who was the man about town, He wrote his column for the San Francisco Chronicle for almost 60 years. He passed away in 1997
The San Francisco History Museum is cool. I liked it. It is well worth the $5.00 price to get in.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style from Old Time Stars

Bing Crosby's Golf Clubs
Two Saturday's ago, I woke up and turned on the TV and on a local Saturday morning show, they mentioned the San Francisco History Museum. They said if I went today and mentioned the show, I could get in for free. Well, I got my daughter to go and we went. The place is new and for tourists, but I really liked it. I thought that they did a good job.

I decided to to make this a two-part look at it. The first part is their collection of things from stars with San Francisco and Bay Area connections. It could be that they were born here, lived here or shot a film or TV show here or performed here. They had some pretty cool stuff from old-time stars:

Barbara Eden's "I Dream of Jeanie" costume
Asian Brocack Gown worn by Jane Russell
Mike Connors jacket from "Mannix"
Crushed Velvet Dress worn by Judy Garland
Marylin Monroe's Grey Winter Coat with Fox Collar
A Lavender Cocktail Dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor
A Suit worn by Merv Griffin
A Givenchy Gown worn by Audrey Hepburn

The following is not style by the old-time stars by are items from two world icons:

A self-portrait done by George Lucas
Garments worn by Mother Teresa
I really enjoying looking at all of the styles of the old-time stars. They were more elegant back in the day.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Women's Basketball: Cal vs. UCLA 1-20-12

I forgot to post this, but eight days ago I got to see two Top 25 women's college hoops teams in action at Haas:

UCLA during the pregame shoot
Cal(in yellow) getting in position for a rebound
UCLA's Kacy Swain taking a free throw
A view of the Cal defense
Cal's Gennifer Brandon going for two
Cal's Layshia Clarendon taking a free throw
It was a good game and Cal won:

Cal Wins

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The 49ers Are On The Plane To Super Bowl XLVII

The 49er Faithful Flag
Today (1-27-13), I had to fly out of San Jose and saw signs up for event parking which to me was a little strange. Since, I got to the airport like two hours before my flight I decided to see what was going on. Well, the 49ers were flying out of San Jose airport to New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII. Right when I got there they were about to arrive and I took a couple of pics:

49ers families headed to the plane
The 49ers plane
Joe Staley (in plaid shirt and sunglasses) getting off the bus
The 49er Faithful
Coach Jim Harbaugh getting off the bus with his daughter
The 49ers boarding for New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Old Football Books Saved

The 1984 Complete Book of Football
A couple of weeks ago I was walking around and stumbled upon a garage sale in my neighborhood. I took a look and saw these old football books and I asked how much. The lady said she was going to throw them away. I said I give you two dollars for the books. She agreed and I saved these great books from the dumpster:

This book was cool as it counted down the days with the New York Jets before their historic  Super Bowl III win
Johnny Unitas-Do I have to say more
Football Stars of 1969
This was the first year of the true merger
The season after the Dolphins perfect season
And this one is my favorite:

The reason I love it is that it describes some of the chaos of the 1966 season for both the NFL and AFL as the merger was announced in June and they played Super Bowl I six months later.

Hopefully, I can find another batch of old books that need to be saved.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Middle Age and Goofy-A peek inside my closet

Got to love the little bears
I am what you would call officially middle age. In my mid-40's, but I am I guess for lack of a better term -goofy. Even though I have a few flecks of gray in the hair, I still try to have fun in life. It is what keeps me going. I know I don't dress fashionably as some, but I would say that I dress reasonably. Most times in polo shirts, long sleeve polo shirts, button-up shirts and khakis or slacks and decent shoes. No pictures on me in that or anything else.

But over the last year I have been buying some T-Shirts for casual wear, just to have some fun. Usually, I would just go over to Cal and buy a T-Shirt or buy something at some ballpark and have my so-called weekend wear. But since a friend hipped me to Haight St. T-Shirts and like the stuff their, I have been finding more outlets for my unusual (some say eccentric) tastes. Love the fact that I have many different team shirts from around the globe You can be the judge:

Old School Yomiuri Giants (Nippon Professional League)
Got have some Slugwear
Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League)
One of my favorite record shops-Rasputins
Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Nippon Baseball League)
Oakland Oaks (Original Pacific Coast League)
And I must share a couple of my new ballcaps:

2013 Stockton Ports (California League) Five O'Clock Alternate Logo Hat
Just bought: 2013 World Baseball Classic -Team Australia
And my favorite shirt (which many people think is too goofy):

Replica 1992 Lithuanian Other Dream Team shirt
I guess you can say that this is a little look into my style when I am not working. As people say Goofy