Thursday, April 29, 2021

Shopping on Telegraph


Things are starting to loosen up here in the San Francisco. I was over in Berkeley and they shut down Telegraph Ave and had a shopping street fair of artists, artisans and craftspeople. It was a cool deal:

And I only could a pic of one street performer:

In all I enjoyed it and I have missed things like this over the last 14 months.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Another Errand Saturday


Was listening to The Spectrum on the XM while driving around. 

First stop was the Hayward Farmers Market:

Bought some oranges and strawberries and made a fruit salad for breakfast for the week:

Since it was Independent Bookstore Day, I went by my favorite Independent Book Store-Book on B in my city of Hayward and they had a poetry reading outside:

With some cool sidewalk chalk art:

Then some lunch at place called Best Burger

And then a walk to walk off a little bit of the burger. I walked this open space called Eden Greenway which is a walking path where they put up a lot of power grid stuff for the city. It goes throughout the southern part of the city:

Then a quick hit at Trader Joe's

Then had to drive by the local Buddhist House to get some reading material:

Then went to Mountain Mike's pizza for a little dinner:

Finally got home and had a beer, love this Pale Ale:

Another Saturday of Errands in the book.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Walking the Richmond Public Shore

 A couple of weeks ago after my first COVID shot, I decided to walk the public shore area of Richmond: 

And as the fog was clearing off, so you could kind of see San Francisco in the distance

And there is always someone guarding:

It was a nice and relaxing stroll, something that was needed. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Music Monday: Those Born in April

 Music Monday: Just some artists who were born in April:

Born on April 1st, the great Jimmy Cliff:

Born on April 7th is John Oates, part of the great 80's duo- Hall and Oates:

Born April 16th is the front man for the Aussie group- Midnight Oil-Peter Garrett:

The great Luther Vandross was born on April 20th:

The front man of The Cure, Robert Smith was born on April 21st:

And Sheena Easton was born April 27th:

Hope you enjoyed this look at some the artists born in April. 

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Some Old School Murals

 I was near my old high school and stopped off at Walgreens in this strip mall. It was a strip mall that I spent a bunch of my misguided high school years at.  I walked around the back of the liquor store and murals were still there. 

Back in the Day, as teen-agers we used to go to this liquor store and buy liquor (beer, cheap wine or anything else they would sell us), zig-zags (rolling papers) and reading material geared for adults. The rules were not as tough about buying "adult" items as they are now.

 Since, we had an open-campus at lunch we would get a slice of pizza from Round Table Pizza, eat it and have a nip or two while sitting on the curb seen above and if we had enough time, we might smoke some vegis and head back to school.

Sorry, TMI on my misguided high school life. But it was cool to see the murals have survived (and people are still sitting on the curb-doing what we used except that Round Table Pizza is no more):

I have been out of high school for almost 35 years and I am glad to see that these murals are still around.