Saturday, July 31, 2021

Music Monday: Songs About Friendship

 For this Music Monday, we are talking about friends and friendship. I consider all people who read my dribble, blog friends and I thank you and happy that you are following my journey through life. I am actually head out for a little rest as I am headed to see my daughter in Portland for a week:

Hope everyone has a good week.

Friday, July 30, 2021

San Jose's Little Italy


I was in San Jose and decided to walk around the small area called Little Italy. It is a small but cool area:

The small Little Italy led to the Guadalupe River Park and they have these sculptures. I did some research and it is called the Shirley Lewis Rotary Sculpture Walk. Lewis was a San Jose City Councilmember back in the day and wanted people to come to this park, she was into public art and thought it would be a fun activity for families to do:

And here are a couple of shots of the Guadalupe River:

And what is really cool is that everything leads to the "Shark Tank" or the SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks:

If you are every in Downtown San Jose. Head down to Little Italy and Guadalupe River Park. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Bard's Favorite Garden


I am on a little vacation this week as I am up in Portland visiting my daughter. Should be a wonderful time. Something that is much needed. 

I am leaving you with a little visit to Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park is a beautiful place and it has  different sections. One of my favorites is Shakespeare Garden. It is a nice place tucked away in the park. It is sometimes hard to get in there and take pics because it is the most popular spot in the park for weddings, so it is closed off a bunch:

And of course William Shakespeare is watching over his garden:

A Visit to the Community Thrift Store


One of the cool things about doing Extended School Year at a different school was being able to find different places in the city. One day I happened to stumble upon this place called CTS or Community Thrift Store and it was really cool. One of the cool things is the proceeds from it go to over 200 different charities in Bay Area:

And I spent most of my time in their huge book section and bought some items:

Got this cookbook:

And this book about the Ohio St.- Michigan football rivalry:

But this was the coolest and it adds to my autographed book collection:

The Community Thrift Store in San Francisco is a wonderful place with a bunch of treasures. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

A Visit to Sonoma Coast State Park

 It has been a pretty interesting and intense last couple of weeks. Now, I finally get a chance to relax. 

I drove up the coast on Highway 1 and visited Sonoma Coast State Park. It was something that I needed as it was just so beautiful watching the Pacific Ocean crash into the rocks and shore. Even though it was overcast, it was still beautiful and much needed:

Just being up there and watching the waves and the water was something that I needed to relax me. And here is a short video that I took:

Hope everyone gets a chance to relax and enjoy.