Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Stop at Burger Urge

I was in the Haight and wanted a burger, so I decided to head to Burger Urge. It is a rock-n-roll experience to say the least:

And I must say that it is one good burger:

Burger Urge is a perfect place to stop if you are hungry and in the Haight.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

San Francisco Fire Department Museum

I took a visit to a museum that I wanted to see for a long time-the San Francisco Fire Museum. It tells the story of the San Francisco Fire Department:

Engine 26-1897
Engine 22-1893
1914 American LaFrance Fire Engine
The next two are of Engine #2. It was built in 1810 and served New York City for 30 years and was shipped to San Francisco around Cape Horn in 1849:

High Pressure Battery No.3-1909
Late 19th Century Fire Helmet
Bust of David S. Scannell, the last Chief Engineer of the San Francisco Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteer Engine No.7-1850's

The Fire Helmet of Lillian Coit (She donated the money for Coit Tower), Ms. Coit was the patroness of the early San Francisco Fire Department
The San Francisco Fire Museum is a wonderful place to learn the history of the city's Fire Department and more people need to know about it. It is worth a visit.

Monday, March 26, 2018

California Nursery Historical Park

I went by the California Nursery Historical Park in Fremont. The Nursery was founded in 1884 by John Rock and became one of the largest on the West Coast and was important for introducing new hybrids of plants and varieties of plants. The family now operates the nursery as a mail-order business and it became a park in 1972:

These next two are interesting. The first one is a picture of the grounds in 1887 and you can see the little palm trees on the side. The second one is the remaining palm tree from one of them in the picture in 2018:

The California Nursery Historical Park is a great way to spend an early morning or any time of day.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Music Monday: We Are Going Places

Music Monday: We are talking Names of Places this week:

Going to cheat on first one because it let's me play a cool song and it is a place:

Guess I am cheating again (because the song is cool) because only 12 people have been there:

From one of my favorite all-time TV shows:

The rest are just fun songs:

and because it is the city I was born in:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a good week.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Hayes Valley Art Works

This is the perfect post as six years ago, I decided to take this blog serious and share my strange, little weird world with the public.  The Hayes Valley Art Works is a place that looks a disjointed but it has such an interesting beauty about it. Not saying this blog is a thing of beauty to the rest of the world but to me it is because it is me being creative in my goofy way.

The Hayes Valley Art Works is located in a lot in the Hayes Valley section of San Francisco. It is a collection of artists, neighborhood people and the local business community that have come together to display original pieces, host exhibits and public performances and events on a vacant lot:

Hayes Valley Art Works is an interesting place to spend some time and it is well worth it.

I would just like to say a big Thank You to anyone who has spent one second of their time looking at this goofy collection I have put together on this blog over the last six years.