Saturday, August 31, 2013

Some Heisman Autographs-Winners Pre-1970

Dick Kazmaier-1951-Princeton
In the spirit of the first weekend of college football, I am sharing some Heisman Trophy autographs that I had collected. I think I have a bunch more that I need to find, but here is a some. I decided to break this up, the first set are the winners from pre-1970:

"Mr. Inside"-Doc Blanchard-1945-Army

Mike Garrett-USC -1965

Terry Baker-Oregon St-1962
Johnny Lattner-Notre  Dame-1953
Roger Staubach-Navy-1963
Johnny Lujak-Notre Dame-1947
Steve Spurrier-Florida-1966
Joe Bellino-Navy 1960
Steve Owens-Oklahoma-1969
This is one of coolest:

A letter and signed index card (below) from Pete Dawkins-Army-1958

Post 1970 will be coming soon.

Friday, August 30, 2013

A Great Use for Old Gas Station

I don't get down to San Jose ever. I was there recently and went to meet a friend at Roy's Station which is located in the heart of San Jose's Japantown. Roy's Station is home to a great coffee and tea shop now. Back in the day, it was the current owner's grandfather Roy's Mobil gas station. Now to me, that is just too cool:

An old Mobil Pump
The outside of Roy's
The inside
I am a sucker for snickerdoodle cookies
Loved this next to the register

Apple Pastry
1957 Coke Machine-It still works
Pretty cool-Coffee beans inside
The fountain outside
Roy's Station is pretty cool. I know I will be heading back.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Breakfast at Sam's Diner

A couple of mornings ago, I got into San Francisco a lot early and was hungry and decided that a McMuffin wasn't cool and wanted to sit down. I look around and Sam Diner was the closest thing in view so I decided to try it. It was good, had a TV going, a friendly wait staff and good food at good prices:

The counter section
The main dining area
Being near the Golden Gate Theater-they have a lot of signed musical posters up

Food on the grill
Fruit salad ready to go
A simple breakfast: Pork chops, eggs, country potatoes and sourdough toast

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jordan Pond at Garin Park

Jordan Pond is a gem located at Garin Park. It is located in the center of the hiking trails at Garin and after a nice hike it is great place to sit and rest:

Jordan Pond from high above
Through the Tule branches
A duck on the pond
Jordan Pond
Water lilles
Tule reeds
The sun setting on Jordan Pond
Jordan Pond is a nice place to relax.When I was running around it during my cross country times I never fully realized how nice it was.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walking Around Garin Park

I took a walk at Garin Park in Hayward. It is a wonderful place. Many years ago. (ok, when Reagan was President) it was my high school's home course for Cross Country when I ran. It has nice rolling hills and it is a great place to hike or to just walk around. The views are super:

The meadow area

A view of Hayward

And great local trees and plants:

Wild Berries

And they had some old farm equipment there:

Garin Park was the perfect place for me to take a walk.