Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finally-Evans Diamond Under the Lights

Finally at long last Evans Diamond, home of Cal Baseball, has lights after 80 years. I went to the first game under those pretty lights and the old place did sparkle. Even though Cal lost 4-3 to USC it still was a great night:

Before the game and the sun went down
Evans Diamond all lit up
The view from the third base side
From the first base side
This was from the beer garden down the left field line
And of course I tried to get some player shots:

USC's great freshman hitter Blake Lacey before the game
USC's Timmy Robinson getting ready in leftfield
USC's Bob Wheatley on the mound
Cal's Brian Celsi in leftfield
Cal's Ryan Mason on the mound
Even though Cal lost it was great to see the Bears play under the lights.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Best Hole-in-the-Wall Dog

The front of What's Up Dog

When walking by Civic Center BART station in San Francisco I would pass by this hole in wall hot dog place. The place is no bigger than a average size bathroom. I passed by a bunch and decided to go in and try, I am one never to pass up a good sausage product. Guess what, it was good.

The menu
The dogs before being cooked
The whole inside of What's Up Dog
The man doing his thing
Chicken Apple Sausage before the onions, relish and ketchup
You have to eat it on the street, but Civic Center Plaza is right next door. A good place to sit in the sun and enjoy a dog.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boudin Sourdough Bread Art

I love Boudin Sourdough Bread. To me, it is the best sourdough bread in the world. Sometimes in the morning, I will stop off and get a little round and eat off it for a snack for a couple of days and repeat the process. I know that it simple but I love it. I also love going in their store and taking a look at the animal art they have created from their bread. I have never bought one, but many tourists do. I would have a problem eating it. I just like looking at them and think it is cool:

A clover
Bunnies are popular this time of year
A lizard hanging out
A turtle 
The ever popular Boudin crab
Some more detail of the lizard
A basket of baby turtles
Got to love the bear
Boudin Sourdough. Can't beat the bread and they make some cool art also.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Look at Cashman Stadium

The front of Cashman Stadium-Home of the Triple A Las Veags 51's
Cashman Stadium is home of the Las Vegas 51's, the Triple-A team of (now) the New York Mets. On April  1st, Cashman will be 30 years old and holds a little over 9,000 fans (about 12,500 when you include standing room). I have seen a couple of game there and it is a nice place to see a game. When I was in Vegas, my son wanted a hat and the team store is inside the stadium, so I roamed around in an empty stadium:

Cashman Stadium
The view from the left field side (Like the the picnic benches)
From the third-base side
From behind home plate
Cashman's scoreboard
From the first base side
Down the left field line
The left field foul pole
Another view from down left field line
Cashman Stadium is a good place to watch a game. It is family-friendly place and a good time.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Round and Round-We Go Random

Juke Box Gorilla-Outside Union Square-San Francisco 
I can't believe that this is the 200th edition of this. I never thought that I would have enough things for 200 of these (or I would keep with before ADD set in and I got bored and quit), but I am happy that I have kept with it. Again, thanks to anybody who has ever stumbled upon and read this. Also, a big thanks to all of the people that follow this blog and have made comments.

For this one, I it is just a bunch of pictures that I took and they didn't fit in any blog. Just more things that I find interesting:

Spieker Aquatics Center-Home of Cal Swimming and Water Polo
I saw this dress in a store and thought it was interesting
Saw these beer steins in a window-thought that they were cool
This is what is left after the door on a Muni Metro train fell  off while the train was in motion. I was in the first car, this  happened in the second car.
A 2013 Oakland A's schedule-The braille edition
I like this quote
The view from the Juvenile Justice Center-San Francisco
Saw this in the Haight-thought it was interesting
Back to 60's
This was done by Jeremy Fish, outside the now-abandoned UC Berkeley Extension Building on Haight and Laguna  in San Francisco. I have always wondered about this (and have thought it was cool). I have learned that Fish is an illustrator who lives in the city and is pretty famous
Well, I guess it is on to the next 100.

Again thanks for reading or looking at it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring

A kite flying against the blue sky
Here in the Northern Hemisphere spring arrives today. Even though it is raining right now in the San Francisco Bay Area (all these pictures were taken Sunday), It is a time where the darkness of winter is replaced by the light of spring and the rebirth of color:

And hopefully we can all be like these two:

Happy Spring.