Monday, August 31, 2020

Rooky Ricardo's Records

 I was walking around the lower Haight in San Francisco last Saturday, trying to find an outdoor art exhibit and was lost. I noticed this hole-in-the-wall record store open and ducked in there to ask for directions. I was suprised because I didn't think something like this was supposed to be open but I guess it is (I stopped keeping track of what is ok to open and such, too tiring.) Anyway, I got my directions and found a super cool place.

Rooky Ricardo's Records has been around for over 30 years and has become an inspiration stop for local DJ's and local muscians. The place is filled with records (mostly 45's) and listening stations (they are closed because of COVID-19.  But it is mostly filled with a super cool vibe which can't be bought:

To be honest, I have been kind of down lately. A lot of things and places I like to go have been canceled or shut down. Stumbling into Rooky Ricardo's was a pick me up and a boost of energy. The reason is because the place has a lot of:

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Music Monday: Summer's End

 Music Monday: Just some tunes about the last days of summer:

Summer is considered over but we can the fall. Hope everyone has a good Monday. 

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Seen on the Whitney Peak Hotel


These murals were seen on the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno. They are part of what is called Nevada Main Street. Nevada Main Street is a community-driven program approach to revitalizing downtowns and neighborhood commerical districts:

All of these works were done by different artists and actaully popped out when I saw them. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

St. Felicitas Catholic Church


Down the street from one of my favorite places to eat-Porky's Pizza is St. Felicitas Catholic Church in San Leandro, Ca. It holds an interesting place in my families history with mixed emotions and I will leave it at that. The one happy thing there was that I was baptized there as a baby.  So basically even though I drive by it a lot, I just drive it. Not too long ago, I decided to stop by and take some pics:

I am glad that stopped by and went in there. Even though people in my family have passed, I said some healing prayers and I feel some healing inside of me going on. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Half Moon Bay State Beach


The weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area has been bad to say the least the last ten days. We had extreme heat for us (over 100 degrees for several days) which brought on thunderstorms (something I have rarely seen here and I have been here basically all of my life) and lightning. This sparked a bunch of wildfires and now the air quality here is really bad and not expected to improve anytime soon. It isn't really safe to go outside.

Anyway, I am going to back to a happier place (as I try to keep this blog happy), last month I vistied Half Moon Bay State Beach and the air was crisp and clean, it wasn't too hot and the views were beautiful:

There is something I love about being on a beach just staring out on the Pacific Ocean. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Music Monday: My Most Overlooked Artists by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame

 Music Monday: I am not a music historian or anything. Here are to me some of the most over looked artists by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. These artists are not in and have been (I feel) overlooked (In no particular order):

Pat Benatar:

The Guess Who:

Joe Crocker:


This whole little set was started last week but a friend of mine who hipped me to the Go's-Go's new song and the documentary on them. She was telling me that the Go-Go's have been overlooked by the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and told me this fact: The Go'Go's were the first all-female band-who played their own instruments and wrote their own songs- to have a No.1 album in America. Basically, they were music trendsetters. She also told me a number of facts about them/

Here is a new song by the Go-Go's released this year:

Everything is subjective and I know there could be a debate about 100 other artists but I hope you enjoyed this small list. 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Gems from the Hard Rock Casino Sacramento


Eddie Van Halen's Harley Davidson

Last week, I showed pics of the new Hard Rock Casino outside of Sacramento. 
                   Here is some of the memorabilia inside (sorry for  the glare):

Elvis Pressley's 1974 karate gi
James Brown's cape and crown from the 1960's

1990's Whitney Houston outfit

Rihanna's Stella Jean dress she wore to the White House in 2014
A Hawaiian Shirt worn by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

Jimi Hendrix's 1967 Tux Shirt
A coat worn by Pink

A Simple Dress worn by Taylor Swift

Fergie's coat from the video "Glamorous"
Outfit worn by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler
Dress worn by Diana Ross in 1975
Dress worn by Bette Midler

Just some of the gems at the Hard Rock Casino in Sacramento.