Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Happy Pride


Pride Weekend in San Francisco came and went but did not have the annual Pride celebration or parade for the second straight year as things are just opening up here but there were signs of Pride all around San Francisco:

Also AsiaSF shared some of their costumes from the Ladies of AsiaSF. AsiaSF supports the Transgender community through empowerment and The Ladies of AsiaSF are the star performers of the organization:

So let's remember that "Love is Love".

Monday, June 28, 2021

A visit to Redwood Regional Park


Redwood Regional Park is located in the Hills of Oakland. It contains the largest remaining natural stand of coast redwood trees found in the East Bay. Redwood forests are usually found closer to the coast where the air is cool and humid year-around. Redwood trees are usually found in places like the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Marin Hills. The Oakland Hills have an unique circumstances that create the coastal conditions with winds funneled through the Golden gate flowing directly across the Bay and are channeled into the valley in which the Montclair District of Oakland lies. The area is also well-watered year round and is protected from extremes of temperature and high winds and has created an oasis in the East Bay:

Redwood Regional Park is a truly beautiful place and I am so glad that it is near where I live:


Sunday, June 27, 2021

Music Monday: 90's Movie Songs

 Music Monday: I am on a movie kick. Here are some great movie songs from the 90's:

And because I can:

Hope that you have a wonderful Monday. 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hanging in Clarion Alley


Clarion Alley is one of the those places in San Francisco that many people miss. It is place where people do socially engaged public art. It is located in the Mission District. It supports social, economic, racial, environmental and racial justice. The cool thing about teaching Extended School Year this year is that the school they put us at is located near Clarion Alley and I get to walk through it everyday on my way from BART to the school we are at for Extended School Year.

To some Clarion Alley can be a little dodgy and sketchy but to me it is a beautiful place in San Francisco:

Clarion Alley is one of those places that is not in the tourist books but it is so authentic Mission and San Francisco and needs to visited by all. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Hayward's First Juneteenth Celebration


My little city of Hayward hosted their first ever Juneteenth Freedom Celebration at City Hall. 

Hayward City Council member Angela Andrews

It was the first one so it was small but the cool thing is that it will grow over the years and it will be cool to see it grow and become a big deal over the years. 

Monday, June 21, 2021

Welcome to the Oakland Museum Garden

With the Kaiser Convention Center in the background

 The Oakland Museum reopened over the weekend. It is one of my favorite places as they are about California and the Bay Area. When they first opened in 1969 they were one of the first museums with a rooftop garden and during their COVID shutdown they redid it:

They still have the views:

The Alameda Superior Court Building

Lake Merritt

You can look down into the Koi Pond

And they have cool art in the Garden:

The Oakland Museum is still hip but they have made it hipper.