Sunday, June 7, 2015

Music Monday: Those Summer Songs.

It is almost summer time. Here some great summer songs to enjoy:

Hope you enjoy some summer songs.


  1. Great selections Boys Of Summer is definitely my favourite used to play it a lot in the day :-)

    Have a summertastic week :-)

  2. Patrick, fabulous summer picks! I can't believe how quickly this year is passing us, can you? I mean, I was thinking yesterday that although summer isn't officially here that it won't be long before we'll see summer fade and the return of fall, then winter. It makes me crazy thinking about the change of seasons like this, so I'm not gonna think, but dance to your summertastic picks!
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  3. Great song picks. I didn't know Gweneth Paltrow sang.

  4. Love the Fresh Prince... I wish he would've made more tunes! He's really quite good. The Go Go's didn't really stay around that long did they? Oh heck I love all your tunes! You certainly ROCKED THE HOUSE! Sorry I'm so late! Better late than never, RIGHT! WOO HOO! Thanks for the dance!!!!!! woo hoo


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