Sunday, July 5, 2015

Music Monday Goes Country

This Music Monday is going country today. Let's see what I can some up with, since I don't really listen to a lot of country:

I hope I did not embarrass myself.


  1. Are you kiddin? You've rocked the house my friend! Great tunes. Love the Dixie Chicks, and love the Rock me Mama... Alabama is one of my favorites especially their Christmas album. Brooks & Dunn is loved by all. and your last one totally rocks & too funny!!! That one is a new one for me. Thanks for joinin' us YOU SO ROCK!!!

  2. I liked your choices, mostly new to me as Country music isn't that prominent over here unfortunately :-)

    Have a tanfastic day :-)

  3. Patrick, you didn't embarrass yourself. For someone who doesn't listen to country then you did alright. :D Alabama rocked down A Capital 4th on Saturday on PBS. Every time I hear a Man of Constant Sorrow I think of O Brother Where Art Thou. That was such a funny movie! Darius Rucker has a talented voice. I keep saying I gotta check out more of his tunes and forget. I Love NASCAR is a funny little ditty. This is the first time I heard it before now. I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I do respect the drivers and its fans. DH enjoys watching when it's convenient. He stayed up late last night to watch a few minutes of Daytona. I fell asleep while he watched, too. lol Have a tunetastic week!

    A Place in Time #AmandaAbizaid #music

    1. Thanks. I do like Alabama. I love O Brother Where Art Thou also.

  4. Oh you did it alright!
    Stacy be proud too :)

    Thanks for sharing these rocking country hits!



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