Sunday, January 17, 2016

Music Monday: What is Catching My Ear

I guess here are some tunes I have been listening to lately:

And to honor Dr.Martin Luther King who birthday we are celebrating:

Hope that you enjoyed what music I have been listening to. 


  1. What a great mix it's nice to see you like a lot of the British artists too Patrick, I love that Elton track

    Have a tanfastic day :-)

  2. Nice choices! Here is a great week!

  3. Lovin' it my friend! You have ROCKED the house for sure this time! I haven't heard the Cupid Shuffle in a very long time. Great tune to have fun with with friends! I want to take this time to thank you for joining our little musical group to show everyone how much we appreciate music & having a great time with it. You're duh best!!!! ROCK ON MY FRIEND!!! HUGS

  4. Wonderful picks. Sting totally has the wrong idea about what teachers do. It's a cool video and song, but we certainly don't put our feet up and read newspapers. Ha! I love the others, too. A good dance number in there with the Cupid Shuffle, and we do dance it in Zumba class. Love U2, too.

  5. You have quite the mix here!
    Thanks for sharing Patrick!
    Hope your week is going great!


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