Friday, August 9, 2019

Hanging Out at the Ballpark

Just some pics from my phone of hanging out at the Oakland Coliseum watching my favorite team the Oakland A's play:

Oakland A's in-game voice Kara Tsuboi

And some giveaways the A's had:

An A's Rally Candle

Bat Day

Matt Olson Bobblehead and a free shot of Tequila

Marcus Semien  T-Shirt
And some food:

And this is cool, I am friends with his dad and it really cool to see all the hard work that A's starting shortstop Marcus Semien has done in becoming one of the best shortstops in baseball. It is super cool to see this at the Coliseum:


  1. Do they still call it Oakland Coliseum? I thought they had changed the name to O.Co Stadium or something...

  2. Those are some dangerous giveaways my friend. I hope you didn't get free tequila with a free bat. That As cup is so much better than the one I paid about $20 for at a Brewer's game last year. Of course it was full of Pepsi.
    The As are doing pretty good then? I've been surprised at the Twins this year and of course the Dodgers always have a chance to make it to the WS then blow it.


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