Monday, December 30, 2019

Just Simply Me in 2019

At College Football National Championship Game
I have never done this. Here are some of my best selfies in 2019 (I don't take great selfies but decided to post some anyway) at places and events I went to:

With the 2019 Rose Bowl Trophy at the College Football Experience 

Outside the Bellagio in Las Vegas

At the NHL All-Star Park in San Jose
With the Battle of the Bay Trophy at the A's Game

Hanging with the elephant at the Oakland Coliseum 

At some cheesy display

Outside of Red Rock in Las Vegas

At the Bay Area Book Fair
On the field at the Oakland Coliseum before a game

The Cupcake Man can

On the TV show Friends couch at a display celebrating 25 years of Friends

At the Hardly Strickly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park

And my favorite selfie of 2019:

With the great actor Danny Glover
Just some selfies of me at places I shared on the blog in 2019. Hope everyone has a safe New Year's celebration and a great 2020.


  1. GREAT selfies. I hope 2020 is good to you.

  2. What fun photos! Have a great 2020!

  3. That's a great way to look back on your year. I wish you a happy and healthy 2020 with plenty more selfies to share.

  4. Fun to see you throughout the year. I don't get many selfies. I'm usually taking the pictures and if it is a true selfie my arms are so short it more of a nose shot. - Margy

  5. Nice to see you in front of the lens for once.

  6. Those are incredible! I think we might have the same idea of fun. I love the Rose Bowl trophy and here's hoping I get to buy a t-shirt that says the Badgers won. Although the Ducks are one helluva team. Should be a good game.
    Happy New Year to you!

  7. I enjoyed your fun selfies the cupcake man one made me laugh too heheh!

    Happy New Year and best wishes from London :-)

  8. Love the fun selfies, especially the gingerbread man!

    Happy 2020!

  9. Wow, great photos my friend. The one with With Danny Glover is my favorite! WOW! You one lucky dude! I'd love to have my pic taken with somebody famous. Too cool.

  10. It's nice to be able to put a face with your blog. I think you take a pretty good photo and Danny Glover is one of the few awesome actors in the world :)

    It's so nice to see you at 'My Corner of the World'!

    My Corner of the World

  11. Patrick,

    What a fun set of photos from 2019! We watched some of the Rose Bowl last night. I can't remember if we did last year now. Over Christmas, we watched 'Christmas Break-in' with Danny Glover. That was a fun film. Have you seen it? Thanks for stopping by today and joining my WW linky party. Have a blessed 2020, my dear friend!

  12. All great selfies, Patrick. You got to stand next to the awesome Danny Glover. Wow.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a great rest of the week and a fabulous 2020. 😎

  13. Patrick, this might be my favorite post ever of yours! So cool that you have a picture with the Rose Bowl trophy. And I love all the fun stuff you do! The Red Rock one caught my attention because I have a funny story from Red Rock. I fell off of a horse in the Red Rock Canyon many years ago. I fell hard. My saddle slipped and down I went, ass over head down the rocks like a scene from the freaking Roadrunner! The only thing that stopped me from tumbling to the bottom was the giant cactus I landed in. Yep, cactus spikes embedded in my arms, my back, my side, and my butt. Bruises all over! Fortunately, the most injured thing on me was my ego. And it makes for a funny story.


  14. It looks like you had a fun year. I like the cupcake man picture, my kids did that too a local Christmas event.

  15. Hi Patrick! Happy 2020! I was delighted to see your feature on Shelbee on the Edge. I'm back with a new linky and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to share on Amanda's Books and More. Blessings, Tina

  16. Patrick, what a fun post! Hope you have a wonderful 2020 and will share the photos with us a year from now.

  17. Such a great selfies! Such a nice memories. I love this post. I wish you a great year 2020.



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