Sunday, April 11, 2021

Music Monday: Sources of Moisture

 Music Monday: Just some songs about moisture:

I might be cheating here but every time it rains here in the Bay Area and I have to be in it, I always sing the words from this song to myself:

And because I am self-serving, here are two very short videos that I shot at different beaches:

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week.


  1. I love your videos! Great wave action. And Art Garfunkel...the concert in Central Park...

  2. Patrick,

    Nice song picks. I especially enjoyed Duffy's "Rain On My Parade". How nice it must to look out across the ocean to watch the waves come in and to hear the magnificent, tranquil sounds of the water rushing in breaking against the shoreline. Thanks for sharing, my friend. It's great having you on the 4M dance floor this week. Have a boogietastic week!

  3. I enjoyed both your videos - no ocean beaches where I live 150 miles inland! To this day, Art Garfunkel's singing of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" gives me chills - it's a masterpiece. This particular Depeche Mode song song was new to me. I played it with one of your wave videos and it seemed to fit just fine. I've got to go back to California one day, after COVID.


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