Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The National Atomic Testing Museum


One of the more interesting and chilling museums I have ever been to is located in Las Vegas, it is the National Atomic Testing Museum. From 1951 to 1992, the desert outside Las Vegas was one of the most significant nuclear testing sites in the Untied States:

The Ballistics Case for Fat Man (1945)

1957 Test Missile

Davy Crockett XM-388 Projectile

1963 W48 Artillery Fired Projectile

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack in Your Basement

A Downhole Fisheye Motion Picture Camera

Tory 11-C Nuclear Ramjet Engine -1964

Disassembled Casing of a 1960's Thermonuclear Weapon

Replica of the "Gadget" That was Tested Two Weeks Before the Real Deal was dropped on Japan

And then there was the interesting reading material:

The National Atomic Testing Museum is an interesting place and I am glad that I got to visit it.


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