Friday, April 22, 2022

Murray Family Farms


I forgot I had this. When I was driving back from Las Vegas, I made a stop at Murray Family Farms which is a place that you can stop and buy some produce, get something to eat, see some animals and rest when you are traveling:

And some animals:

A little produce:

A products that they make in house:

Murray Family Farms is one of those pit stops you take on a long drivng trip


  1. I love day trips to a farm, there is so much to see and I love their laidback ambience. The cherry butter produced by Murray Family Farms is one that I would like to try, it sounds yummy already!

  2. Cool, good place to stop, can't beat fresh produce and I'd definitely buy some of those jar products.

  3. I like to check out places like this. Salted vodka rib glaze, wow!

  4. That looks like a great place to take a break on the road. Those butters all sound interesting!


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