Saturday, May 5, 2012

California State Railroad Museum

A Pacific Rail Road Depot sign

 I have always like trains and the history of the railroad. I guess it because I heard that my grandfather on my mom's side worked on trains for something like sixty years. I never got to ask him about his travels because I only saw him twice in my life before he died when I was 11. I guess the seed was planted. I am not into trains like some people I know, but I like them and the history behind it. I guess it is because railroad was huge in the making of California and the West. 

Recently I visited one of my favorite museums-The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. I like the job they do in telling the story about railroads. Here are some pics that I took:

Central Pacific's First Locomotive
1876 North Pacific Coast "Sonoma Locomotive
1908 Northwestern Pacific No.112 Locomotive
1954 Southern Pacific Diesel Electric Locomotive
A replica of a kitchen on a Santa Fe Dining Car
A Pullman Porters uniform
The front of an 1876 North Coast Railroad "Sonoma"

The inside of a 1950 Great Northern Railway Postal Car
A view of the museum 
A Pre-1890 Seth Thomas Railroad Clock-Santa Fe
An undated Sacramento Southern passenger car

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  1. Very neat! Last year my husband and I took a dinner train ride and it was pretty neat to feel a bit like we had gone back in time.


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