Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Small Look at Cal State East Bay (Hayward)

I went with my kids to the Cal State East Bay open house. I graduated from there when it was called Cal State Hayward. They changed the name, but more important they changed the attitude. The school has really changed for the better since I graduated. They have built new buildings and added dorms. It now looks like and feels like a real college:

Meiklejohn Hall
The quad inside of Meiklejohn
The Art and Business building
Inside the Art and Business quad
Part of greenery 
The view from the campus at dusk
Pioneer Gym
But they had to get rid of Warren Hall which was a campus landmark because it was not earthquake proof. It was imploded this last August

Warren Hall through a tree
And the new admin building:

CSU-East Bay has become a better school and I would be happy if my daughter would follow in my footsteps there.

Pioneer Pete


  1. yup, i'll always know it as cal state hayward! thank you for the update. i had no idea about all the changes.


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