Monday, November 25, 2013

Old Home Video Game Consoles

1996 Nintendo 64
I have been really debating on posting this blog. I guess because it really appeals to the super hidden geek inside of me but since this my blog-why not, maybe there are other geeks who will find this interesting.

I saw this thing that advertised a collection of old video game consoles and in my travels I passed by it and decided to take a look. It went from the first real commercially popular one (Atari in 1977) to the nid-90's.  The interesting thing to me is that you can see how far technology has come:

1977 Atari VCS
1982 Commodore 64-I had one. Saved up my paper route money
1985 Nintendo Entertainment System
1986 Sega Master System
1989 Sega Genesis
1991 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
1995 Sega Saturn 
1995 Sony Play Station
Hope this brought back a memories for people of any ages.


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