Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A's vs. Mariners-4-5-14

Baseball is back and I am a happy camper. Something about the six month story of a season that I love. Went to the A's-Mariners game the first weekend of the season and had a blast: Coliseum
The A's Dan Straily on the mound
King Felix-The Mariners Felix Hernandez pitching
The Mariners Justin Smoak 
The A's Brandon Moss trying to bunt
The A's Josh Donaldson taking a swing with Coco Crisp on third
The basics of the game

Jed Lowrie after hitting a home run
King Felix was a little too much for the A's as they lost 3-1 but any day at the yard is a great day.


  1. Ahhhhh Baseball fan eh? Sorry we don't do sports in our house, but my daughters house holy cow! My daughter & grandson L-O-V-E the Cubs & her husband love the White Sox... LOL Go figure! Great shots here my friend! Thanks for sharing & have a great day. Have to take my dog for a flea bath and trim dem nails. We love our "Baby". Yep that's her name. She's a Black Lab. Have a good one! ;)

  2. Looks like an amazing game! Thanks for sharing. #WW

  3. Well I am not a huge sports watcher but that looks like a good game. My kids enjoy maybe one game a year. They'd rather be in the game itself than watching. I enjoy watching them do sports.

    1. My kiddos love going. It makes me want to go.

  4. You have some really nice pictures here. Have you shared your post with the team? It not, you really should!

    And thanks for playing KetchupWithUs. Please come back and see us again on the 1st!


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