Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Unusual Bookstore

I was in Downtown San Francisco and trying to race to the BART station when I came across the most unusual bookstore-G.F. Wilkinson Books. Wilkinson Books has a huge online store of a lot of used and rare books. The store is one of the smallest (more like bookstalls) and located in Trinity Plaza. One more thing, Wilkinson Books is open-weather permitting for certain reasons.:

Wilkinson Books
Part of Wilkinson Books
A different part of the store
Books on display
Art for sale
He does have some good titles and rare books on display at "the store":

Wilkinson Books maybe an unusual "bookstore" but it is cool and unique.


  1. i have never seen that place before. i love bookstores. green apple is my fave.

    1. I love Green Apple. I had never been seen this one. I thought it was cool.

  2. If my comment didn't work let's try again. I live your adventures through you and I love your photos etc. do you have any adventures planned for this weekend? If so lots of pictures for us hehehehe Thanks for stopping by too! hugs

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      I always try to take lots of pics.


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