Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Disney to Dance To

And because I love the movie version 100 times better instead of the official video:


  1. What fun! I particularly remember the Beauty and the Beast one from when my nieces and nephews were little. I've one particular niece who is such a little princess come to life. I don't mean this in an awful spoiled brat kind of way. I mean that she loves colorful dresses and fairy tales. She's all grown up now, but she still loves these things. I've got a tear in my eye thinking how proud I am to be an uncle to such great young people.

  2. Gr8 tunes! Disney really has some good music in their animations. Nice to have you join the 4M crew on the dance floor. Have a tunetastic week, Patrick!

  3. Great inspirational Disney songs - I enjoyed listening to them all which brings back some great memories. Coming here a little late because I had computer problems...but it was worth the wait. Thanks for the great tunes.

  4. Ah, I so enjoyed all of your Disney dance picks. Great choices!

  5. I love all of these songs, but especially the first one!

    Thanks for posting!

    1. That is a great song. I think the best Disney song ever.

  6. this totally made my day. I sang them all. I feel so happy.
    Disney is magic.
    I swear I am not, like, 7 years old. I just feel it. :)

  7. Great choices. I just love Peabo Bryson!

  8. Sorry I'm so late with this comment, but I always keep my word and visit every single players on 4M and follow! Wow DUDE You have totally picked the most fabulous songs ! Rockin' the house as usual! Woo Hoo


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