Friday, January 30, 2015

Get a Food Spark at Sparky's Diner

Sparky's Diner is a little diner that I found by accident on Church St. in San Francisco. It is a quirky place but has great food and a wonderful vibe:

He welcomes you
It has a lot of 80's tunes on it
Part of Sparky's
Margaret Cho likes Sparky's
The Mummy
The States
The food being cooked
Lunch is served and it was yummy


  1. Ooooooo that looks so good, now I'm hungry!! Nothing better than a diner to find a good burger and fries!! Thanks for stopping by this weekend. If you watch football hope your team wins!


    1. The food was great. It was super. You are welcome.

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  3. What's with the mummy? I don't think I could swallow my food with that character standing there. Hehehe! Thanks for visiting and linking on Amanda's Books and More!

    1. You are welcome.

      It is just something that was quirky there.


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