Sunday, February 15, 2015

Music Monday: TV Themes That Made the Charts

This Music Monday, we are going for TV Themes that crossed over and were popular and made the Billboard Top 40:

Hitting No. 23 in 1987:

This one hit No 2 in 1981:

No. 10 in 1981:

The rest were No.1 on the Billboard Top 40:

No. 1 in 1976:

No.1 in 1985:

No.1 in 1976:

I am going cheat but this one was No.1 in 1974 as it became the theme song to "Soul Train" and I will leave you with "Peace, Love and Soul:

Hope you enjoyed some really popular TV themes.


  1. Oops-looks like a repeated one after all. Ah, well...great minds, right?
    I love all your picks of course and...Soul Train...oh man, did they rock it!

  2. Great song picks - I considered a few of your choices for my theme as well before settling on a choice (great minds think alike!)! Hope you have a tune-tastic week!

  3. Nice themes there some I had forgot about my fave there was TSOP now that brings back some good clubbing memories heheh!

    have a tanfastic week ahead :-)

  4. I don't consider Soul Train a cheat. I'm embarassed to say that I never watched Moonlighting, even though my cousin "Booger" was on it.

  5. Interesting list.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a fun week!

  6. Excellent, fabulous TV hit theme songs! I remember everyone of them, too! Thanks for the memories, Patrick! ;)

  7. I love Al Jarreu..the rest I just have to check them out ")...thanks for your links..

  8. These are all so wonderful, but I have to say the last one is my favorite I use to dance to that one all the time. So I'm so sorry that I'm late. My life has been turned over, upside down & twisted lately & I'm so far behind. Anyway, hope you forgive me & thanks for the dance. HUGS & have a great weekend hope to see you Monday!

    1. Hope everything is going ok. Glad that you enjoyed.


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