Sunday, December 13, 2015

Music Monday: Wacky Xmas Songs

Let's try some (we can say) different Christmas songs:

It is always fun to have a few laughs.


  1. Patrick-these were a hoot! I loved the first one the most!

  2. Don't you just love Christmas time. Where on earth did you find these? Bwahhahaha But I'll be back tomorrow because I didn't finish all of them. I heard that Funky Funky Christmas & I shut it off cuz I felt like gettin' up & dancing... we'll leave that for another day! Rock on my brotha... do they say that any more? I'm so out of touch... sorry!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND... HUGS

  3. LOL I thoroughly enjoyed those :-)

    Have a funtastic day :-)

  4. I'm back & let's dance... had to listen to the Wookie song too again! Bwhahahaha good one. Hey did you ever get my email? Just wondering. FUNKY CHRISTMAS... then again all I hear is a lot of screaming... oh well... the other tunes were totally funky! LOL


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