Sunday, February 28, 2016

Music Monday: Get Your Dancing Shoes On

For this Music Monday, we are going to just dance:

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I am gonna have Macarena in my head all day now LOLOL :-)

    Have a funtastic day :-)

  2. You have rocked the house my friend! I bet John Travolta wished he looked like that now. Oh well, we all grow older right? You really have a dance-a-thon here don't you, but truly I liked the way you ended up your tunes! Stayin' Alive will live forever! And I totally agree with Steve... in my head all day! hahahha

  3. Great dance music. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  4. I thought about Macarena but glad I did not post it. You certainly have the music to dance to.
    Dance away!

  5. These had me up and dancing. Fun!

  6. Super fun choices!! Especially the last two!!
    My song for this week is "Alice" by Avril Lavigne

    I just started my own Musical Monday on my blog Testing Trisha please stop by and Link-up!

  7. Oh how I loved Macarena :)
    Very fun choices!


  8. Patrick, WOW, flashback with Stayin' Alive! The Bee Gees are a great group to dance to and I did a lot of that when I was younger. Have a tunetastic week!


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